By Will Fairless
Associate Editor

Matthew Arnold, a lifelong Opelika resident with 25 years of experience in the hair styling business (which 25 years include owning Dimensions Studio in Auburn for 15 years and opening a second Dimensions location), has opened his own salon at the edge of Opelika’s historical district.

Salon 1010, located at 1010 Renfroe Ave., offers a personal hair styling experience. The building was renovated for a massage institute that eventually gave up the space. As a result, it is divided into what Arnold calls “semi-suites,” rooms with walls almost but not quite reaching the ceiling. Clients of Arnold’s each get a semi-suite to themselves during their appointments.

“What we do offer that’s different, especially now with COVID, is we have individual semi-suites,” Arnold said. “If you want to be closed off, if you want to come in for a semi-private session, we can close the door and you can feel safe. We offer something that a lot of other places can’t, because we can close you off and separate everybody.”

Currently, Arnold only has one other stylist, Hannah Kimbrell, working for him (Salon 1010 only just opened two weeks ago), but there are enough rooms to give at least two more stylists their own space to give the salon’s clients 1-on-1 attention.

Arnold is most proud of the shampoo area, which features three reclining cushioned seats, each with its own adjustable sink. “Where I splurged with my money, really, is the shampoo area. That’s gonna be a comfort zone,” Arnold said.

The same room will also soon feature an adjustable chair/table that will be used for waxing, if that service appeals to any of 1010’s clients.

Arnold grew up in Opelika, and the building at 1010 Renfroe Ave. was a landmark in his youth, within biking and walking distance from his childhood home, in which he now lives. He said he feels lucky to be able to start his own business in the same area in which he grew up. “To be the only commercial business remaining in the edge of the historical district, to me, is extremely nice, and it’s really important to me to have something over here that’s nice,” he added.

Willow Tree Boutique has just moved into the same building and will have a symbiotic business relationship with 1010. Owned by Becky Stillwell and Stephanie Kennedy, Willow Tree does a lot of its business online, but will conduct whatever necessary in-person business in this location.

To schedule an appointment with Arnold, call or text him at 334-703-9787. Kimbrell can likewise be reached at 256-750-1043.