By Wil Crews
Staff Reporter

The Opelika Theatre Company is hosting their Summertime Showcase on Saturday, Aug. 15 at 6:30 p.m. The fundraising event is free to the public and will be held at the Opelika Sportsplex amphitheater at 1001 Andrews Road.

“We are super grateful for our sponsors and to the city and Mayor Fuller for donating the sportsplex,” said Abby Freeman, a planning and coordinating director for the showcase. “We are just incredibly excited to share this experience with the community.”

The showcase, which is scheduled to last two hours, will consist of singing, acting and dancing by performers ranging from age 9 to mid 50s.

“It’s mainly alumni from the theatre, and then we have several guest performers,” Freeman said. “Most of the acts are singing and then we have a couple monologues and several dancers as well.”

The showcase is being held at prime dinner time, but Freeman said there will be plenty of delicious food options to enjoy.

“We have Drive by Tacos, Grand’s Philly Phreeze and Lizzy’s Sweet Shop and we are trying to get a couple more,” she said.

Initially, Freeman said she worried about getting enough community members involved to fill out the show, but that hasn’t been the case.

“We have actually had to tell people that we have enough, which is really a blessing,” she said.

The songs, monologues and dances were submitted by the individual performances and approved by OTC’s creative team. In preparation for the event, two 30-minute coaching sessions were given to all participants. 

The proceeds from donations will be used to finance sound equipment for OTC and go toward a children’s Addams Family performance which is scheduled for the fall.

Of course, social distancing is required and Freeman recommends lawn chairs and blankets as the best way to watch the outdoor show.

A sophomore at Auburn University, Freeman started doing plays with OTC in ninth grade and is performing in the showcase herself. She also teaches dance at Make Your Move, where she danced for 15 years.

This is OTC’s inaugural Summer Showcase and they hope to produce more in years to come.

“This if the first thing we have ever done like this,” Freeman said. “If it goes well, hopefully it will be an annual thing.”

For more information, visit OTC’s Facebook and Instagram (@opelikatheatreco)