By Hannah Lester

The city of Opelika is making improvements, specifically to its walking and biking paths, and wants to hear citizen input.

Soon, the city may see more specific bicycle and pedestrian pathways, as well as safe start and stopping points for pedestrians and cyclers.

The city is hosting a presentation about the Opelika Bicycling and Pedestrian Masterplan on Aug. 27 at the municipal courtroom, according to a city press release.

Citizens are encouraged to come both in-person (300 ML King Boulevard) or watch virtually on the city’s Youtube channel (Opelika City Gov).

“The purpose of the meeting is threefold: present the overall study by Sain and Associates, present the draft master plan and solicit input from the public to aid prioritization of future projects,” the release said.

The plan is part of a several year project, the Americans with Disabilities Transportation plan, which looks at not only motor vehicles, but foot and bicycle traffic, too.

“Providing transportation connectivity for non-motorized road users is essential to this overarching vision for the city as it seeks to increase the quality of life of its citizens by connecting people to places,” the release said. “A major ingredient to this effort is to create a plan to guide the city’s development.”

The masterplan was created by Sain and Associates, located in Birmingham.

“The city is excited about sharing this information with the public and getting community input,” the release said.

More specifics of the plan will be shared at the meeting. The city of Opelika engineering department can be reached at 334-705-5450.