By Will Fairless
Associate Editor

I’m That Mom is a babies-to-juniors consignment store that opened today at 1452 Opelika Road in Auburn. The store will be open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store offers used and new clothing, will purchase used clothing and offers a boutique with children’s and babies’ clothing, including holiday outfits, Auburn and Alabama baby clothes and a variety of other themed items.

Heather Bice, an Auburn resident and the owner of I’m That Mom, had been making baby clothes and other infant-related items since January, selling them on the website Etsy. “I have a daughter who’s nine months old,” Bice said, “and I started looking into her clothing and stuff and seeing how expensive it was.”

Bice started by making bibs for babies, which she still makes quite a few of, and eventually made a variety of products. She tries every new item on her daughter or her four-year-old son before she sells it. “I really try to cater to what everybody needs,” Bice said.

She has spent all the daylight hours of the last few weeks preparing the store for its grand opening, trying to give it an atmosphere distinct from most other stores in the same arena. “I didn’t want it to look like a traditional retail store with the metal racks,” Bice said, “so my husband built all of my racks; everything’s painted . . . it looks like a kids store.”

It is important to Bice that I’m That Mom serve everyone from the lower-income population to those who want to buy high-end, new products. She also wants everyone, including children, to feel comfortable in the store. “The goal is, once the pandemic is over, to have a diaper-changing station with free diapers and wipes,” Bice said, “and also a children’s play area with a TV.”

Bice carries youth extra-large products, products for premature babies and everything in between. Any items she takes in that are stained, damaged or otherwise not worth selling get donated (to the Big House Foundation, Mission Thrift and other organizations). 

For more information about I’m That Mom or to purchase Bice’s products online, visit