Case No.: CV-2019-900619.00
Hardwood, LLC, Plaintiff,
v. A Parcel of Real Property, And DOROTHY WILLIAMS EWING and/or the Unknown Heirs of DOROTHY WILLIAMS EWING, Defendants.
To: All Defendants herein, whose whereabouts are unknown and which cannot be
ascertained after the exercise of reasonable diligence.
You are hereby notified that on the 16 th day of October, 2019, a complaint to quiet title was
filed in the Circuit Court of Lee County, Alabama, and the following are the names of all parties to the action: Hardwood, LLC, as Plaintiff; Dorothy Williams Ewing, as Defendant, whose heirs, executors and/or administrators are unknown and cannot be ascertained after the exercise of due diligence, and which are believed to have claimed some right, title, interest or claim in and to the property described as follows:
Commence at the Northwest corner of Section 35, Township 18 North, Range 29 East, and
run North 86 degrees 57 minutes East for 655.45 feet; thence South 03 degrees 09 minutes
East for 1301.82 feet to the Southern margin of McBride Road; thence 101.42 feet
Southwesterly along a curve the radius of which is 1874.49 feet; thence South 03 degrees 37
minutes West for 79.38 feet; thence South 14 degrees 58 minutes East for 123.41 feet; thence
South 16 degrees 25 minutes West for 86.86 feet; thence South 03 degrees 24 minutes West for 161.06 feet to the point of beginning; from said point of beginning run North 53 degrees 10 minutes East for 174.24 feet thence South 36 degrees 50 minutes East for 175.0 feet; thence
South 53 degrees 10 minutes West for 174.24 feet; thence North 36 degrees 50 minutes East for 175.0 feet; to the point of Beginning. Compromising of 0.70 acres, more or less.
All persons having an interest in said lands or any portion thereof, claiming any title thereto
or any encumbrance or lien thereon, are hereby directed to plead, answer, or otherwise respond to the Complaint on or before the expiration of 30 days after the last publication of this notice, or thereafter suffer judgment by default to be rendered against them, it being intended that this notice shall be used to perfect service against all parties who cannot be personally served with a copy of the Complaint.
Done this the 22nd day of January, 2020.
/s/ Mary Roberson
Circuit Court Clerk, Lee County
J. Brandon Rice
Attorney for Plaintiff
Rice & Parr
830 Avenue A, Suite A
Opelika, Alabama 36801
Legal Run 01/29/20, 02/05/20, 02/12/20, & 02/19/2020