By Michelle Key
and Morgan Bryce

Clay County native and Lineville resident Gerald Dial is one of four candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries.
Dial, longtime representative and former senator for District 13, is running against Tracy Crane, Cecil Murphy and Rick Pate for the position.
According to his website, Dial’s campaign is comprised of five platforms: growing the economy, protecting private property rights, increasing educational opportunities, creating more transparency and implementing governmental efficiency.
“There is no doubt that Gerald Dial is a man who gets things done. His life story is one of commitment and continued service to Alabama … whether as a coach, teacher, military officer, public servant, businessman or community leader, Gerald Dial has done it,” according to a post on Dial’s website. “He brings an unmatched level of experience, determination and vigor to the race for the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. His roots run deep in East Alabama. He is a third-generation Alabamian, and his heart is set on protecting our farms and bringing new jobs to the state.”
“When you look at it, in the total scope of things I think the commissioner of agriculture is the second most important job in the state. It overseas the largest industry in the state, and that’s $70 billion. Sometimes agriculture is overlooked, and we take it for granted. We need someone to promote that industry, we need to grow that industry, we can grow jobs in that industry and increase our exports. I think I can add some value over there, and I have some great ideas to take over there,” Dial said.
When asked to elaborate on some of his ideas for the agriculture industry, Dial spoke of the need to increase the irrigation system throughout the state. “We have about 100,000 acres irrigated in Alabama. I am going to add a 100,000 acres a year over the next four years.”
Dial’s campaign slogan is: “Promote, Protect and Produce.”
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