By Shawn Kirkpatrick
Opelika Observer

You’ve seen it -yellow pollen covering cars, homes, sidewalks and clothes. That means spring is here and along with it, the sneezing, itching and watery eyes.
“If you’re a person that suffers from allergies, start now. Don’t wait for them to get going. Get on top of it and try to beat it, and prevent it,” said Beauregard Drugs Pharmacist and Owner Tucker Simmons.
“Allergy season started early this year. I’m concerned now that it is going to drag on for a while and be a longer one.” reports that right now, pollen from Maple, Juniper and Elm trees are high across Opelika.
Allergy symptoms include: sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy skin and hives. Treatments for allergies include over the counter anti-histamines, steroids or other medications.
“One year you may use one drug, and then in a year or two it may not work as well and you switch,” Simmons explains. “Nasal sprays work just as well, but a lot of people don’t like putting something up their nose. Some are good for congestion. After two sprays up my nose I can breathe better.”
Simmons said there is a point where you should see a doctor. “As long as what’s coming out is clear, you can treat your symptoms with over the counter medication, but once you stop getting production or have a hindering headache, then you should go to the doctor.”
Simmons also recommends a natural remedy. “If you can find a place with local honey, that can help with allergies because the bees are using local pollen to make the honey. Sometimes that works.” and post daily allergy reports and pollen count for Opelika and Lee County to help allergy sufferers manage their symptoms.