By Suzanne
Opelika Observer

Second graders at Carver Primary School in Opelika learned the value and complexity of soil, one of earth’s most valued resources, from the staff of O Grows, last Friday morning.
Meeting in the schools media resource room, O Grows advisor Dr. Sean Forbes of Auburn University and assistant J.B. Harris, explained the importance of soil to the existence of all life on earth, to a room filled with enthusiastic second graders.
Using a small fruit to represent the earth service, Dr. Forbes demonstrated how the earth’s surface for growing food was only 1/32 of the planet.  “Water covers so much of the earth’s surface, and then there are mountains, rocks and cities covering another large portion.  There is not much soil left available for growing food to feed the earth’s population,” explained Forbes.
J.B. Harris later taught the students about how composting, making new soil from recycling organic matter, could help in providing new soil to grow food.  He went on to challenge the students knowledge  about elements which could and could not be recycled into organic soil.
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