I have an extended family member living in Alabama who is fully able to hold a full time job except chooses not to.

Why should he even look for a job when we provide the groceries and school meals for the youngsters?

It does not matter there is nothing to record as income on the annual tax forms yet a forthcoming earned income check is no longer appreciated but expected, with no controls on its spending such as large screen TV vs. groceries.

Social security for the children? Why should SS be any different than food stamp and other entitlement applications which are simply rubber stamped rather than properly investigated for laziness, actual need, or fraud? Working beneath the table must be okay with these rubber stamping policies.

A legitimate job can be easily found as compared to the time and energy being invested to be a career entitlement person.

Getting out of bed five days a week is physically demanding. No need to get up to dress and feed the kids breakfast for school, we feed the kids breakfast and lunch in the school.

Think about this person receiving food stamps while having the children receive free school meals. A money making opportunity – not fixing them breakfast or sending them to school with a lunch.

Laziness and governmental encouragement are stronger drives than being responsible. One may think living off hard working people is a joke and what he is “entitled to” – where are the controls to remove him from the doles?  Congressman Rogers’ Washington, D.C. office is unaware of such means other than re-addressing the law itself.

The system is broken. About 46 percent of people do not pay income tax! Not paying taxes is one thing, living off me is something else. Jobs are available; the local classifieds is testimony to that.

Cutting off this person and others who use the same text book and street smarts will provide additional funding for those truly in need.

I have nothing against anyone young or old in need of temporary assistance when physically qualified to work but temporary is not open ended.




Frank Dillman

Notasulga, Ala.