By Taylor Sasser Student Writer


The Opelika High School football season ended Nov. 4 in a heartbreaking loss of 49-31 to Daphne High School.

Most football players, cheerleaders and band members will return next season to play for and cheer on the Dawgs.

However, senior players and band members hung up their Opelika uniforms for the last time.

“It was probably one of the worst feelings I’ve had,” said Torey Agee, senior defensive end, of the final score. “When you work so hard, to see your goals just come to an end is heart breaking.”

Some realized the loss not after the game, but the next day.

“It didn’t really hit me until the next day, when I realized we didn’t have practice anymore,” said Trevor Pigg, senior kicker/punter. “And then it hit me that I would never play another down of football ever again.”

While the seniors did not walk away from the Daphne game with a ticket to the next round of playoffs, they did walk away with valuable lessons and memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

“What this program has taught me would take years for me to learn on my own,” said Will Black, senior kicker. “Football teaches you that if you get knocked down, get up and go back to work.”

“One lesson I’ve learned is to give it your all no matter the situation you’re in,” said Agee. “Also, we’re constantly reminded of the things we need to be a better Christian man in our daily Character Ed. lessons that we have.”

Not only did the football players learn valuable knowledge to help them in their own daily lives, but the marching band members did as well.

“What I’ve learned most from band is how to lead others, how hard it is to be an effective leader, and how to perform well even when you’re nervous,” said Daniel Cason, senior marching band member.

Seniors will not only take away the lessons, but the bond between them.

“I’ve gained some of my best friends through playing football,” said Pigg. “All of us senior football players have played together since we were in the seventh grade and that created an amazing bond between us that no one will be able to understand.”

Even though the seniors played in their last OHS football game or marched on the field for the last time, they walked away with memories, morals, lessons and friendships that they would have not acquired without the help of their respective organization.