New ACS Elementary School Postponed A Year


By Hannah Lester

Auburn City Schools’ newest educational facility will not open in 2022-2023, but rather in 2023-2024.

Woodland Pines Elementary will open as a school for K-2 students and will serve as the city’s fifth elementary school zone in the Auburn City School System.

“The decision to delay the opening until August 2023 comes after much consideration of the Board-approved elementary school rezoning plan,” said ACS Superintendent Dr. Cristen Herring. “As a result of the delayed opening, the elementary rezoning plan will be implemented at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.”

Opening the school in the middle of the school year would be too difficult, said a press release from ACS, involving difficulties with personnel transfer, bus routes, etc.

This will be Auburn City School’s 10th elementary school.

“The additional elementary school will be beneficial to the growing community and increased population of elementary students,” said Daniel Chesser, ACS public relations coordinator.

The school will be able to accommodate 600 students.

The school was first approved by the board last March 2021 and will cost $17.7 million to construct.

“The resources required to open and operate Woodland pines will not impact the budgeting process for other facilities,” Chesser said. “… The district is following the ACS 2028 Facility Master Plan and monitoring enrollment to determine future facility needs.”


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