Alabama Statewide: 4-H Growing Alabama’s Future


Written and contributed
by Mary Leigh Oliver / ACES

 Alabama 4-H continues to grow the states future through intentional activities and opportunities for youth.

By guiding young people through constructive use of creativity, learning, optimism and purposeful exploration, 4-H had a successful year.

“We are proud of the hard work of those who make Alabama 4-H happen even in the most trying circumstances,” said Alabama 4-H assistant director Molly Gregg. “As the numbers illustrate, Alabama 4-H is for everyone.”

4-H by the Numbers

Alabama Extension director Mike Phillips said he was impressed by the involvement of 4-H members in STEM activities. The 125,721 4-H members are two times more likely to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

“Through these program activities, the youth of tomorrow are preparing to be the next generation of physicians, engineers, software developers and other-science-based jobs,” Phillips said.

Not only are 4-H’er’s two times more likely to participate in STEM, they are also two times more likely to make healthier choices.

Phillips said Alabama’s population ranks first in the U.S. in prevalence of stroke, third in diabetes and kidney disease and consistently high in obesity and heart disease.

“The educational programming through 4-H to reduce these health issues is a huge economic and lifestyle benefit for the state,” Phillips said.

Overall, with impressive statistics in STEM and health participation, 4-H’er’s are dedicated to serving their community. Young people involved in 4-H are four times more likely to give back to their communities than nonmembers.

4-H for Everyone

With members from every community in Alabama, 4-H’er’s remain dedicated to learning, advancing and serving others. The opportunities for involvement are limitless.

Gregg said the employees and volunteers who make up the Alabama 4-H team look forward to the future. 4-H is for young people in homeschool and in in-person school, as well as those who are virtual students. There is a place for everyone in Alabama 4-H programming.

More Information

To learn more about the Alabama 4-H State Impact, check out the Alabama Statewide publication. Also, visit the Alabama Extension website,


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