Summer Lights


By Beth Pinyerd

Living close to Mobile Bay the last 30 years of my life, my little family made it an annual Pinyerd tradition to pack a simple picnic supper, go to a nearby park and enjoying a scenic sunset!
I enjoy that same scenic sunset here in Lee County as I walk my little dog and look at the sun setting over the tips of the forest near my little home. The beautiful pink sky truly puts your heart at peace and encourages one to thank God for His beautiful world!
Children seem to truly light up when we talk about the lights of summer and their experiences. One activity that just naturally happens at home, vacation and camp is sky and star gazing. Talking about “the man in the moon,” who can make out the Constellation Orion the hunter wearing a belt with a sword in it, straining to make out the Big Dipper and Little Dipper constellation as well as recognizing that Venus is the bright evening star present on many summer evenings.
Camp fires provide a light of fellowship. The church’s childrens’ fellowship brings out flashlights for Bible scavenger hunts.
Younger and older children love to chase, catch and let go of fireflies! Yellow, green, or pale red blinking lights can be used to attract mates as well as signal undesirable tastes in the insect world.
When you vacation by the beach, children love to scrape the sand and observe the beautiful light from a sea sapphire at night.
These animals sparkle. They catch the light and reflect it back. One might think their eyes are playing tricks on them because they light up quickly then the light is gone.
Summer lights are so special because the season allows us to go outside and enjoy what we see.
July 4th lights up the whole sky as we celebrate our independence with beautiful firework displays in our communities!
One thing that we study is that light is a reflection of a certain source. Examples are that the moon and stars are a reflection of the sun.
Children truly light up and literally accept the truth that Jesus’ light does not need a battery, the strike of a match, or a light switch, it is eternal! The light of love is a spark to get a fire going with God’s love in outreach and help to others.


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