Speaking Truth: Training


By Bradley Robertson

I got a wild hair recently and decided to sign up for a 10-mile race, a running race. I haven’t done this in a while, two years exactly, and that race I didn’t even train for.
I showed up at 7 a.m. Saturday morning in Auburn excited and full of energy. Experiences like this get me fired up and inspired. It’s like regardless if my body is physically ready, my mind says, “go for it! Yes! You got this!” I’ve often thought, “Am I too jumpy? Should I think things through better?”
I love spontaneity. I’m not scared to try something new. I’m somewhat of a thrill seeker and I like challenges. All these things add up to allow me to push the envelope of life. To push beyond what my mind says I can or cannot do.
However, I have a sound mind that wants to jump in and pull the reigns back. I find myself often stuck in the middle. Stuck in between thinking things through and just going for it.
I pretty much started a brand-new career in “writing” in May. (Many thanks to the Opelika Observer.)
Not sure I’d call it a career yet, but I’m crossing my fingers.
Agreeing to be a writer got me all the butterflies but it was a jumpy decision. It felt exciting, it felt inspiring, it felt like a larger than life challenge. “Sign me up,” I told myself. “I’m in.”
Here’s what I know to be true, any great action forward takes training to bring on great success.
I feel as though I should wear a cute badge everyday that reads “Writer-In Training.” This training mode is bridging the gap between my jumpy endeavors and being mindful of my actions.
The idea of training gives me a visual picture of what it looks like press on and keep going. I can see myself in motion doing the things to get me to the next step.
Training is an action. I’m able to show myself that I’m moving forward, gaining new ground every day.
I’m learning every day. I’m getting more curious. I see new ideas and inspirations, every day.
Training is consistent and repetitive. This keeps me grounded and focused. I could easily walk away and go have fun somewhere else, but now it’s a habit. It’s on my mind and I can’t shake it.
Every week, I learn something new. Things I know today, I had not much mental awareness of four weeks ago.
I’m growing stronger in my abilities. I’m more confident in the steps I take. I’m slowly becoming disciplined in my craft.
Training is a whole new mental and physical game for me, combining the two together to allow me to grow.
It’s as if my physical pace has slowed up just enough to catch some extra wind from my mental training.
They are running together, producing a sweet wind in my sails I call perseverance.
Perseverance steps in when you feel you just can’t keep going. When you feel tired or loss of interest.
When the “what-if’ scenarios run through your head. When you second guess your ability. Perseverance steps in and stakes its claim. Perseverance doesn’t give up and keeps you going even when you have no energy.
These thoughts and ideas consumed my mind for 10 miles of running Saturday morning. Ten miles of tough, hard, difficult, strenuous work that I had indeed trained for. My training kept me going. It sustained me through the hardest part of mile 6 when I seriously believed I just needed to quit. My training allowed me to listen to my legs and heart, still going strong, it was my mind that was getting the best of me. Training brought me to the discipline that kicked in gear at mile 8 so I would not disappoint myself.
Training allowed me to finish. I finished strong, with a huge smile on face.
I will always seek the thrill and excitement of life. It’s embedded in me. But I will reach for my training to take my excitement to successful and humble places to serve others.
I run with intention to train my body and my work is a constant training to improve a talent laid upon my heart.
This is my 30th article to publish for the Opelika Observer. My wild spirit will bring fantastic ideas to the table and my training will allow me to do the work. The two together will allow me to publish 100 more.
Are you seeking a new endeavor or have a hunch to do something lively?
Speak your truth into life and train. Train like it is nobody’s business and keep on going.
Bradley Robertson is a local mother, wife and creative. She’s an Auburn University graduate, loves good food and getting outside with her family. Bradley enjoys feature writing, as well as southern culture and lifestyle writing.


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