Opelika Environmental Services Department Announces Recycling Changes



Beginning last week, the city of Opelika Environmental Services (OES) Department is no longer taking batteries at either recycling center. In addition, there are some changes at the 8th Avenue center regarding where to put materials.

Due to processing issues, OES will no longer be able to accept batteries at the 8th Avenue or Jeter Avenue Recycling Centers. The following three stores in the Tiger Town area currently accept batteries for recycling. Battery Source takes all types of batteries. Home Depot takes power tool batteries. Lowe’s takes batteries in general. Please contact these stores for battery recycling details.

In order to get some of our recycling items out of the weather, we have placed a refurbished shipping container at the 8th Avenue Recycling Center. This container will handle electronics, shredded paper, aluminum cans, paint and cooking oil. The only electronics we take for recycling are flat-screen monitors, laptop computers, smartphones and gaming systems. Please place all other electronics in your trash. Shredded paper and aluminum cans must be in plastic bags. The center can only accept 1-gallon cans of paint, no 5-gallon buckets. Used cooking oil may be brought in its original container or you may call our office at 334-705-5480 for a 1-gallon recycling jug.

To support Recycle Right Opelika, please follow our rules and guidelines available at www.opelika-al.gov. For more information or questions, please call 334-705-5480.


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