Dates to Recognize and Honor Americans


Local veteran service organizations want all citizens to recognize and

remember two special days in the month of September. The first

date is Sept. 11. This day is known as Patriot Day.

Twenty-one years ago on this day America was under attack.

We must pause and remember all those who perished in that

attack on the Twin Towers and honor all family members who

may have suffered a lost. We will never forget.

The second date is POW-MIA Recognition Day. This is always

the third Friday in September. This is a commitment and

sacrifice made by our nation’s prisoners of war and those who

are still missing in action. POW-MIA Day is one of six days

specified by law which the black POW-MIA flag shall be flown

over all federal facilities and cemeteries, post offices and

military installations. There is a ceremony that can be presented

by any veterans’ service organization. This is called the Missing

Man Table Ceremony. If any group or organization is interested

in this presentation, please contact a group in our area. This

would include American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars,

Disabled Veterans and their auxiliaries.

Sherry Jiles, President

VEW Auxiliary 5732



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