COVID for Christmas, or not?

Bradley Robertson

By Bradley Robertson

I got COVID for Christmas. I was preparing the way for my savior, and on my journey of caroling, gifts and Isaiah, I fell ill.

I first thought it was a simple head cold. I have been there, done that before; it felt just the same. Until it lingered with fever and left me thinking, “Hmm….”

Per the season of life, pandemic life, it was only normal to take a test for safe measure, and so began my 12 days of illness.

Everything changed; life came to a halt. For when Mother goose goes down, the whole family follows. Christmas bliss turned into Grinch punch.

I had mustered up the courage to be brave for days, but come Christmas morning, bravery wasn’t there anymore.

I missed my kids opening their gifts from Santa. (I seriously could not get out of bed.)

I missed the expressions on their faces as they beamed with surprise.

When I finally forced myself to get up, tears began pouring down my face.

It was as if someone blew out the light I had been clinging to for nine sweet months. The reality of sickness in a hurting world pressed on me.

“It’s Christmas morning, pull it together,” I told myself from within.

But I simply could not.

All I know is that my family unraveled at their mothering sight to see Christmas morning. It was as if I snuck in, stole the tree and all the gifts, made a wreck of loveliness and shoved it into the snow.

I was the Grinch who stole Christmas.

I crawled back to my lair to rest COVID away and to sulk in my sickness; I did not ask to stay.

Then I heard my youngest offer some light to the others, “Christmas isn’t just one day a year, Christmas is every day.” And my heart did a flutter.

This child wasn’t sad. He was glad.

Christmas was still here, whether we liked it or not. In sickness or sadness, Christmas could not be stopped.

And my little chum was right, Christmas as a person of Christ is something we celebrate every day. It’s not the one day that counts, it’s the other 364 that can really matter.

My boy brought me grace and a reason to grin. My family served me food, for my soul deep within.

I guess you could say COVID has been the Grinch of the year, it took away lives and work and a sense of secure.

Or did it teach us something about this small life we live? Perhaps it’s not what was taken, but what did COVID give?

My yucky COVID in all of its ill gave me a thought that boosted my will.

“My source is not sickness or sadness or anything bad, my source is the God that brings healing and glad. Troubles will come, this year too, and I will be ready to create something new. For when there is darkness, there will always be a light to shine somewhere, there.”

I think me heart grew a little bigger in 2020.

Did yours too?

Blessings to all of you this New Year!

Love, Bradley


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