Charter Launches Spectrum One, Aiming to Offer Unrivaled Connectivity and Value




Charter announced a new era of customer connectivity with the launch of Spectrum One for new and existing subscribers across all its markets. Spectrum One brings together Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi and Unlimited Spectrum Mobile to deliver seamless, reliable and secure online connectivity in and outside of the home, with the fastest internet speeds in the U.S., at an exceptional value.

“With Spectrum One, we have created the nation’s first fully converged connectivity experience to power today’s wireless world,” said Adam Ray, executive vice president and chief commercial officer for Charter. “Just as the cable industry expanded and improved television, replaced dial-up with broadband and saved consumers money with wireline voice, now we are bringing our successful Mobile services together with internet and advanced wifi to make customers’ connected devices work better, faster, securely and less expensively than before.”


Charter’s introduction of Spectrum One comes as consumer demand for online connectivity virtually everywhere continues to explode. Today, Charter counts more than 450 million wireless devices connected to its network, and during the third quarter of 2022, the company’s non-video internet customers used nearly 700 gigabytes of data per month, with nearly a quarter of those customers using a terabyte or more of data per month. Additionally, more than 85% of mobile customers’ activity occurs over WiFi, reflecting how consumers actually use their wireless devices. Spectrum One is designed to support this level of connectivity, now and in the future, by combining:

Spectrum Internet with starting speeds of 300 Mbps, the most reliable download speeds¹ and no modem fees or data caps;

Advanced WiFi via Charter’s Red Dot Design Award-winning WiFi 6 router, with bandwidth to support up to 200 devices simultaneously, Security Shield to automatically block online threats and phishing attempts, and customer controls to manage which devices are connected and when; and

Spectrum Mobile with unlimited data², access to 5G at no extra cost and unlimited talk and text.

To power the Spectrum One experience to its millions of customers, Charter has harnessed its extensive wired and wireless assets throughout its 41-state operating footprint. These include broadband speeds up to 1 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) via the company’s approximately 800,000 miles of hybrid-fiber network; tens of millions of WiFi access points; Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost from Charter’s Advanced WiFi routers; and 5G unlimited mobile service.


As customer demand for faster speeds accelerates, Charter has established itself as the overall market leader in connectivity. Spectrum has the nation’s fastest internet³ and wifi⁴, according to consumer-initiated tests taken with Ookla Speedtest. Additionally, by combining wifi and cellular, Spectrum Mobile has delivered the fastest overall speeds⁵ in its footprint for 12 consecutive quarters. Integrating Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi and Unlimited Mobile enables Charter to provide the fastest speeds in the U.S., giving customers an even better connectivity experience for all their online activities, including streaming 4k video, video conferencing with coworkers and classmates and online gaming.


For new customers, Charter currently is making Spectrum One available for the unprecedented promotional price of $49.99/month for 12 months. This introductory price includes Spectrum Internet, Advanced Wifi and one free line of Unlimited Spectrum Mobile for a year – with no contracts and no added taxes or fees – for an annual savings over those 12 months of nearly $420 off regular promotional rates (standard rates will take effect after the promotional period ends). Charter also has lowered the everyday price of Unlimited Spectrum Mobile to $29.99/month for the first and every Unlimited line (previously $45/month for a single line of Unlimited). To highlight Spectrum One’s value as the future of wireless connectivity, Charter has kicked off a mass media campaign across its service area.

Additionally, Spectrum One is available to existing Charter Internet and Advanced WiFi customers by adding a line of Unlimited Spectrum Mobile. Beginning Friday, Oct. 28, current non-Mobile subscribers who switch to Spectrum Mobile and buy an Unlimited line for $29.99/month will get an additional Unlimited line free for 12 months, a savings of nearly $360 during the one-year promotional period. And existing Spectrum Mobile customers who add an Unlimited line for $29.99/month will get an additional line free for 12 months. As always with Spectrum Mobile, there is no extra charge for 5G and there are no contracts and no added taxes and fees. Any free lines will revert to the $29.99/month regular price when the 12-month promotional period ends. More information about Spectrum One is available at and by visiting a Spectrum Store.

¹Based on fiber participants in the 2022 Measuring Broadband America Report.

²Spectrum Internet required. Auto-pay required. For Unlimited, speeds are reduced after 20 GB of usage per line. Restrictions apply. For details, refer to

³Fastest Internet claim based on analysis by Ookla of Speedtest Intelligence data U.S. fixed median download speeds in Q3 2022.

⁴Fastest WiFi claim based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data U.S. median WiFi download speeds in Q3 2022.

⁵Fastest Overall Speeds claim based on Global Wireless Solutions’ combined cellular and WiFi speed test results in Spectrum service area where WiFi is available. Cellular speeds vary by location.


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