BigHouse Boasts Big Progress

Blake and Micah Melnick stand inside the new home of BigHouse Foundation. PHOTOS BY KENDYL HOLLINGSWORTH / THE OBSERVER



BigHouse Foundation, a local nonprofit that supports foster families, hosted two evenings of tours at its new “BigHouse Retreat” on Grand National Parkway in Opelika on June 23 and 24. The organization enlisted the help of Sarah Tollitson Smith and Michael Allen Homes to make the dream a reality. While the new 8,976-square-foot building is still under construction, guests were invited to see the progress, pray over the property and sign the wood framing.

Micah Melnick, BigHouse founder and executive director, said she is excited for BigHouse to have an all-in-one space of its own to share with the foster families they serve.

“Being able to design that and create that and have it be something so warm and inviting for families, and a place where they feel like they can belong and spend time … we’re hoping that they will take advantage of that and be out here all the time with us,” she said. “Whether it’s a scheduled event or just impromptu — coming to play on the playground and stuff like that — we want them to feel like it’s theirs.”

Melnick noted the community’s strong support of BigHouse over the years and said the staff is always open to donors and volunteers.

“Our community has always been just really generous and supportive of BigHouse, so we want them to come … and see what their support is going towards and be a part of it.”

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