By Bradley Robertson

How we live day to day and the “posture” of which we approach life can make us or break us. We have a daily choice, to seek out the positive in our day to day or to simply not. I choose to seek. I chose to find the joy in my midst and create the good I want to see.
We all have this ability. The life we lead and the behavior in which we lead it, is in our hands. Do you choose the positive outlook, or do you choose to be frazzled and disturbed? The power is within us. It’s a choice.
We will all encounter difficult days and troublesome times, but if we can train ourselves in the good times, to see the good all around us, then when hardship strikes, we will be prepared.
I’m going to give you a few, simple daily tricks to boost your own positivity. These are daily practices I
have worked with for years. They have evolved and changed slightly over time but are still as basic as the day I began them.

  1. Feed your soul first: Before I begin my day, I feed my soul. I sit still in bed with my cup of coffee and I feed me. It usually consists of calming worship music, reading a bit of an inspiring book or the bible, praying or journaling. I don’t do them all at the same time. It changes from day to day.
    Whichever sparks my interest that morning. It’s a time for me to be still and love me.
  2. Smiles and Hugs around the House: All three of my kids and Isaac get a hug and a smile from me as soon as I see them in the morning. No matter what’s on my mind or what the day holds, they get my best, first thing. It feeds into their hearts. They are all more likely to seek the positive, if I can show it to them at the very beginning of their day.
  3. Exercise: Getting your body moving for 30 minutes a day has huge positive benefits. Walking, hiking, aerobics, running, playing with your kids. It can be whatever you enjoy. We need the natural endorphins released that bring about happiness and relieve any stress. It will positively affect your mood which will in turn, positively affect all the people around you.
  4. Spend time outside: Find some way amongst your work and daily living to be outdoors. This may be your exercise, this could be eating lunch outside your office building, drinking your coffee outdoors, taking an evening stroll before sunset. Find a specific time in your day to be outside. There is nothing better than mother nature to feed our bodies and souls. Breath in all the good oxygen and soak in the beauty of creation.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people: This is a biggie for me. When people feed good vibes into you, it’s going to spread into your entire life. Are the people in your circle lifting you up or tearing you down? Stay close to the ones who lift you up. You need them and chances are, they need you too. It is okay to walk away from relationships that are not bringing you Joy.
  6. Do something fun every day. This can be simple or this can be grand. This is often a dance party in my kitchen at night or going on a sunset walk with my kids. Sometimes it’s listening to my kids tell ridiculous jokes and laughing at each other. I’m taking Braxton out to dinner this week. I can’t wait to take Shep to an AU Baseball game. Find the fun! Life is too short to ditch the fun, my friends!
  7. Stoop below others and be their Light: What you get in return when you can stop in your tracks for someone else, is huge. A smile. A hug. A word of compassion. A phone call. A simple text message. Giving positivity to someone else, will only fill up your positive tank too. It’s a beautiful circle that never ends.
    One of my favorite authors is Ann Voskamp. She has said a lot of things that have stuck with me, but my all-time favorite is “Be the Blessing.” Be the positive for others. Be the positive for your kids. Be the positive for the random woman in Target. Be the positive for you! Create the good the world needs to see, there can never be enough of it.
    I’d love to hear from you too! Feel free to email me with questions or comments to