One Christmas Eve night, The Classroom Observer author had mistakenly thought their visitor was Santa Claus, but instead it was Santa Squirrel. I hope your children enjoy the modification of “TwasThe Night before Christmas” by Clement Clark Moore to pay tribute and Merry Christmas to our animal friends. This is a simple gift to you!

Santa Squirrel

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the oak tree, the squirrel family was a stirring and couldn’t seem to sleep,
The acorns and nuts were buried deeply in the nest, waiting to be eaten when the sun rose abreast,
The baby squirrels were deeply sleeping in the nest made of straw, while papa squirrel kept guard on all four paws.
And mama squirrel was so proud, and papa was so loud as the baby squirrels slept soundly under a sky full of clouds.
When up in the oak tree there arose a strong breeze, that papa squirrel held tightly to the branch with a squeeze.
Up to the top, Papa scampered with a flash, he was jumping branch to branch but he held on fast!
The stars in the sky twinkled gladly on the ground,
But a strong wind blew, and papa fell down, down, down!
With a grasp of cold brick, so fast and quick, papa squirrel in a moment felt like he had been kicked.
Down, down the chimney his bushy tail came.
And he screeched and shouted for mama squirrel by name.
Now squirrel one, Now squirrel two, Now squirrel three, and squirrel four! Hey squirrel five, squirrel six, squirrel seven and eight!
To the top of the chimney, to the top of the roof!
Now scamper down, scamper down the chimney and roof.
As the squirrel family bounded before the winter flakes flew, they met with a warmth only human families knew.
So out the fireplace doors they flew, With the excited squirrels full of curiosity, and skepticism too!
And then in a swoosh, I heard the full group,
The screechings and pawings of ten Santa squirrels’ boots!
As I viewed the squirrel clan and was turning around,
Down the Christmas tree came with a very loud bound.
The ten Santa squirrels with their bushy tails, had scampered the tree branches round and round.
A bundle of wrapping paper stuck on their furry backs,
And they looked like a Christmas ornament that the tree now lacked!
Their eyes how they twinkled, their little paws how merry! Their cheeks grew like roses, their noses like black cherries!
Their busy little mouths were drawn up like a bow.
As they engorged in the gift walnuts which would cause them to grow!
The stump of a broken Christmas light one held tight in his teeth,
And the flashing light encircled his head like a wreath;
He had a cute little face and a little round belly,
That shook, when he scampered like a bowl full of jelly,
Papa squirrel was happy and plump from gift cans,
He bravely led his clan to the ceiling fan;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, soon gave me foresight I had a whole lot to dread!
The Santa squirrel spoke not a word, but went straight to the mantle, and he hopped in all the stockings, then knocked down our candle!
And laying his front paw aside of his nose, And giving a quick nod, up the chimney he rose!
Papa squirrel sprang back into the old oak tree,
To his squirrel family gave a whistle,
And up they all scampered like the quickness of a thistle
But I heard them screech out, as they scampered out of sight, Merry Christmas from us, and to all a Santa Squirrel night!