Is somebody trying to corner the world’s amount of hole? Something’s happening. For example, take the little holes on a button-down collar. It’s a real chore to try to get them buttoned or unbuttoned. The hole is too small. Somebody’s stealing hole. Just be alert. There’s plenty of hole to go around if we just conserve it wisely.
We don’t want somebody to have a huge hole while others have to struggle along with tiny holes.
Another thing that keeps me awake is this business of infinity.
Now, infinity is a long, long way or a long, long time. Example: Let’s say you buy a used car for $1,000.
Since we’re playing with words, let’s say it’s an Infiniti, a used Infiniti. A very used Infiniti. You agree to pay the dealer half of the outstanding debt  every year until the piece of junk is paid for. Okay. The first year, you pay him $500. Next year, $250, then $125, etc.
Now, if he’s a fairly decent sort of chap, when the debt gets down to .0001 cents, he’ll probably say, what the heck, consider it paid for. But you actually never, never, never get it paid for.
Or – the other day, the cover of Field & Stream featured a picture of a beautiful deer, along with notes about what was inside the magazine. Then, over in the magazine was a card, wanting you to renew, that had a picture of the cover of this magazine, very same one. Well, one presumes that inside that magazine is a picture of its cover and… Well, you can see that that has us mind boggling. Boggle, boggle, boggle.
Then there are nature’s laws. Truisms. Certainties. I’m thinking of a tree by the road, any road, from a super highway to a farm road. Any kind of tree, elm, oak, pine. Now, when that tree gets sick and dies, it has several choices about which way to fall: straight away from the road, alongside the road in either direction, or across the road.
It is a known fact that 999.9 percent of the time, it will fall across the road.
You know, “Hey, Steve, bring your power saw. That beech, right at the foot of the hill, where the road starts following the gully, the old beech fell. You know, the one with the hieroglyphics carved all over it.”
Just some things to think about instead of thinking about bashing your computer against a wall.
Bob Sanders is a veteran local radio personality, columnist, author and raconteur of note. He can be reached at