think everyone who reads my weekly correspondence is aware that I love my community. I have only lived a few other places for brief periods of time, but I have never called anywhere else home.

As much as I enjoy getting out and seeing all my friends and neighbors in O-town, I’m afraid I would not realize the beauty of this place without the social network, Facebook.

It seems odd, but most of the communication between myself and anyone I talk to these days is through the use of a keyboard.

I am not a telephone talker. I just can’t stand to chat anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I have the voices of so many in my house and adding another by phone is just impossible to juggle, or the fact that I just need more time to think of the right words to say, and typing allows that.

Either way, social media allows me to sit quietly and talk to people, message encouragement and receive it, in the comfort of my jammies at all hours of the day or night.

I have a fairly large friend group (because I like so many people). Most of my Facebook friends are locals, but I say without reservation that if I didn’t see them this way, I would probably not see them at all.

I am not the party animal that I once was (totally joking). I don’t get out much.

My husband is the pastor of a very small congregation of folks over on the edge of town. I work in a busy department of a large store. If you don’t frequent those two places I probably haven’t seen you in a year.

But, if you are my friend on Facebook….I see you every day. I read your posts and status updates. I know what you are doing and when you get to baby sit your grandchildren. I love this!

I have become friends with people I never would have otherwise. I joke with Jody Fuller that we have never actually met face to face, but I consider him a friend and wonderful source of laughter. I have recognized people in public I am friends with on facebook and  squealed like I’ve met a rock star. Some of my friends are kind of like rock stars (Jody included).

Kate Larkin, for example, knows everybody in the world. Christy Truitt is a published novelist and therefore famous in my book.

Angela George – if we could bottle that girl’s enthusiasm, we would have energy to light the southeast. Maria Wallace, hairdresser extraordinaire and source of constant funny stuff. Carole Ann Miracle, a true community cheerleader, always first to “like” my posts. Pam Coxwell, whose art and faith lighten my heart on a regular basis.

These are just a few –  there are so many who keep me laughing and crying and alive!

Facebook is so useful, too! Just the other night I put out a plea for something we really needed – a flute for my seventh grade daughter. Within a few minutes, I had one secured, thanks to good friends and neighbors, and I never even left my house.

I love my town, but I love it more through Facebook.