Last time we were together I rambled on about Facebook. I got several comments on my page about how people agreed and shared my love for the social network (social life, for some).

As they say, there are two sides to every coin. May I remind you, Facebook is a tool. It can be used in a constructive and positive manner or, sadly, it can be used to destroy and kill. Yes, I said kill. The Bible refers to the tongue in the same way. Both use words to either edify or perplex. Never is this more apparent than … drum roll … football season.

I have to admit, I just can’t take the controversy. I don’t particularly like conflict of any kind. I don’t like to argue, I don’t like sarcasm (mainly because I have always had a hard time reading people who are sarcastic all the time, just call me simple minded).

We are a rare breed here in Alabama. I don’t know of anywhere else in these united states where you have to declare allegiance to one of two universities that you may or may not have attended. We are pulled and tugged from birth to align with one side or the other.

I was born and raised here in Lee County. I was an Auburn fan until I moved away and realized the man of my dreams loved Alabama football. I tried to hold on to my status as an Auburn girl but it just wasn’t worth it.

I hated being mad at him when Alabama won the Iron Bowl and he was just plain pitiful when they lost. I couldn’t celebrate for fear of hurting his feelings. He wasn’t mean or anything, he just loved “his team.”

About two football seasons into the marriage I asked for an Alabama sweatshirt, and the rest is peaceful history.

Facebook, on the other hand, is all-out war on any given football Saturday. I have blocked people from my newsfeed. I have actually un-friended some for their outrageous name calling and nasty language.

I don’t discriminate. I won’t sit and waste my time reading mean stuff about either side. Cheer your team on, love your “family” be “all in” but don’t call me “bammer” just because I root for the other guys – I don’t like our mean fans either!

Here is my question. Why would anyone think they are bringing success or goodwill to their team of choice by posting hate on the Internet? Was anyone ever drawn to the light by darkness? I was persuaded to the other side of the state by a really good sport!

So, do me a favor. If fighting like a spoiled child is your aim this football season, let’s not be Facebook friends until, say….March! By then we can be getting excited about the Braves again!

Roll Tide and War Eagle.