Americans love the tradition of rushing to Grandmother’s to enjoy a Thanksgiving holiday feast with all the family. This is when you are reminded of how thankful you are or should be.

Whether your Thanksgiving plans call for a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving at Grandmother’s with all the family or you will have a cup of soup all alone, everybody in this country has a great deal to be thankful for and now is the time to remember.

Be thankful that the presidential election is finally over. It doesn’t matter if your man won or not, the important thing to remember is how different our election was from other parts of the world. Not one shot was fired. Not one person was murdered and no one was kidnapped.

Free people went to the polls and cast their ballot. The people spoke.

We take our rights as a matter of course here in our country, but we should ever be thankful. We can agree or disagree but we are free to speak our mind.

The brave men and women in our Armed Services, who keep us free, should be remembered, not only on this day but every day. Many soldiers need our help when they return from war and help should be given.

Give thanks for your health whether it be excellent, good, poor, or just”hanging on,” because it is better than what comes in second.

If you aren’t particularly proud of the house you live in, stop a minute and think about the hundreds of people in the Northeast who have just had their homes swept away. Any roof over your head is a good thing.

Flip a light switch and be thankful that power comes on. Living in a dark, cold, place as those in the Northeast are now doing, reminds us of the many blessings we have that we take for granted.

Food prices continue to rise and we are thankful that our Grandmother can afford to buy the food she has prepared when we know that one in six seniors do not have enough to eat.

It just isn’t seniors who are having a hard time. Food Banks are pushed to the limit trying to keep us fed. If we are helping feed the hungry, be thankful that we can.

While the economy has been struggling, it didn’t absolutely come to a halt and we need to be grateful for that. Now, faced with the possibility of falling off the fiscal cliff, Americans are worried but will be grateful if there are enough people who will do something before it is too late

If you are employed, don’t knock any job that you may have. Millions of our citizens are without work on this holiday so be thankful if you have a job, any job.

You can walk down the street in Opelika and trade with anyone or just stroll along and nobody bothers you. You have police protection and a fire department that can come to your assistance if need be.

This Thanksgiving make a mental note of everything you should be thankful for; you may be surprised at the length of the list, a roof over your head, a car that works, a washing machine, etc.

Be thankful for all you have – people first such as family and friends, and then the material things. Put people first; people are always first.

Among the many things for which I am thankful is a big thank you from Bita for reading my column. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Bita Bullet is the pen name of a local anonymous writer who can be reached at