had almost sworn them off, pain had made me give them up. But, a visit to my doctor and a prescription brought new life to my love for heels.

Like so many women slightly past the half century mark I had started thinking high heels were just for college girls and those fit enough to wear them into their more mature years, but not me.

Arthritis is not my friend … neither is ice cream or gravity. Seems with aging we acquire a list of things we once loved but would rather live without due to the pain they cause. I no longer jog, ride roller coasters, water ski or participate in any activity that could cause a broken hip.

I avoid ladders and icy sidewalks and I stay pretty close to the ground, unless I have the rare opportunity to fly. I am more careful about what I do, where I step and what I have on my feet.

But, I have been feeling better.

Soon after I got the prescription, I noticed my feet weren’t hurting so much at the end of the day. And although I was tired, my back wasn’t aching all the time. I couldn’t believe I’d suffered for at least two years and no one had suggested I try an anti-inflamatory drug.

With my new found freedom from creaky joints I decided to go dress shopping. Everyone knows that dress shopping leads to shoe shopping. After I found the dress I thought looked moderately age appropriate, somewhere between my 11-year-old daughter and 85-year-old mother, I started the hunt for shoes.

In no time, I spotted them. They were the exact color I needed, black and gray with a little bow across the top.

The only hold back were the heels. They were high, maybe three inches. I took a breath and tried them on expecting full well to take them right off and put them back in the box before anyone saw me making a complete fool of myself.

I snickered a little at the sight of my feet in “I heart Jesus” socks and tall sassy pumps with a slight cut out at the toe. They felt kind of nice. I snatched off my socks and tried them on again. They looked really nice.

But, could I wear them? And walk? I took a lap around the shoe department, why YES, I was walking quite well and didn’t feel any pain. Wonders never cease!

I have a hot date with my preacher husband this weekend. We are celebrating the wedding of a sweet niece and her beau.

There will be dancing, which is one thing I have refused to give up with age, and this Saturday night, I will dance in three-inch heels!