I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will go to my grave thinking it — people are crazy! This past week was evidence of how insane our world is becoming.

What on earth would make a neuroscience graduate take a collection of guns to a movie theatre with the intent to mow down as many innocent, mostly very young, people as possible? I have my theories, the most reasonable being he spent too much time in the abnormal psychology classes of his curriculum and not any time at all learning how one might be delivered from evil through faith in God! The same God that our country has become too timid to call on, with just reason, we don’t seem to believe in him anymore.

There was a time when even thieves had a healthy fear of God. It was rare that churches were burglarized. I remember as a young person going to my home church at any hour of the day and finding the door unlocked. Not anymore, our beloved Airview Baptist was the scene of a burglary last week. The thieves apparently came in a window after removing one of our little window units in our kitchen. They helped themselves to another window unit and the TV monitors we used to display our songs on Sunday Morning. We are thankful we still have hymnals. After the initial shock wore off, we all decided that it was not the “stuff” that was important in this sad situation but the emptiness of the perpetrators hearts. My dear pastor/husband prayed for those souls at the beginning of our service Sunday. He asked God to bless them with his presence and asked that we be able to love whoever it was in spite of their behavior, because after all we aren’t perfect either.

I hurt for the people who have suffered so much in the recent shootings in Auburn, Tuscaloosa and Aurora.

I grieve for the families who lost someone they love. I also grieve for the families of the shooters. Their pain must be unbearable.

As a mother I can only imagine the questions in their minds. We can only do so much and then we have to let them go.

I pray we are all wise enough to start noticing when things are not right with the young people around us. I believe we need to listen more and perhaps talk less.

It is going to be my aim to listen to my kids, pray to the God I DO still believe in and let him do the work.

The alternative is letting them continue in this insanity.

I’d rather not watch that happen.