If you don’t own a radio, have been living under a rock or are just not into music, you may have missed a real gem of a singer named Adele. If you are aware of current popular music at all you’ve probably heard of her. I have yet to find anyone who can say they don’t like her. I have talked to people of various ages and musical tastes who say they love her.

This year Adele was nominated for six Grammy awards. She won all six. I couldn’t help smiling as she accepted them with humility and genuine surprise.

Adele is beautiful inside and out, but you might be surprised to know she is not a stick thin Hollywood product. She is a real-sized woman with perfect ivory skin and larger than life strawberry blonde hair. She doesn’t dress to shock or impress, she wears vintage dresses on stage and from the photos I’ve seen, she loves boots. She speaks with a very thick British accent, but sings with heart stopping clarity. She claims to have severe anxiety before concerts, but from what I’ve seen she hides it well. Her audiences sing, dance and cry at her concerts.

Adele is a self-professed “swearer.” I would probably not be a fan of this except for the fact that my favorite aunt was the same and I never felt the least bit uncomfortable in her presence.

She was a sweet woman and loved Jesus, she also had a special fondness for some words my mama didn’t approve of. Some people can just get away with this.

Adele has a sound that transcends music genres. Her voice is soulful and smooth, mature beyond her 23 years and as rich as chocolate syrup.

Her words are deep too. She writes most of her own lyrics and has waded through some pain to find great beauty. She takes heartbreak and turns it into triumph. Her songs empower the weak and give voice to the timid. All this attention makes her laugh. She says she never meant to put such personal material out there, she claims she was just singing songs to help her get over a bad break up.

Apparently, most of the free world is doing the same.

Do yourself a favor this weekend. Download some Adele.

Whether you are a huge fan of Patsy Cline or Kelly Clarkson, Streisand or Parton, if you like good music with amazing vocals that tug at your heart lyrics, you will not be disappointed.