Re-gifting is an art, the technique of presenting a gift in such a manner that the person who receives the gift is thrilled to receive it, whether the gift is a new gift or an older one.

Gifts that are regiven are divided into two very different categories: new items and those that are not so new.

In the new category would be the golf balls you were given when you attended a golf charity. Because you attended on three days of the tournament, you were given two balls each day so a half dozen golf balls is a great gift for your brother-in-law, the golfer, or for any other golfing friend. And, what in the world would you, a non-golfer, do with the balls if you kept them?

Also in the new category would be the door prize or bridge prize you might have won or any gifts you received that had not been used. Also included would be any of those impulse purchases you made — things that have never been used.

If the new gift is still in a box, take it out completely and examine the box to be sure there is no card lurking in the bottom, one that might read “Love, Uncle John” or some such give-away. Repack carefully, wrap and your re-gift is complete.

The non-new gifts require a completely different approach. These re-giftables include such things as items the would-to-be recipient could have seen in your home over the years, perhaps something he had shown an interest in and, if you are ready to part with it, this makes for ideal regifting.