Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year when we enjoy beautiful decorations and delicious food with our family and friends, and it is a time for giving.

This is not a time for stress; make your plans now for a festive but practical approach so you can enjoy the holiday as it should be enjoyed.

First, make two lists: a “gift” list and a “to-do” list.

On your to-do list, make a note to talk to the people in your office, Sunday school class, club, or any other group of which you are a member and customarily swap gifts or draw names.

A change that is rapidly becoming tradition is for these groups to decide not to give gifts to each other, but to buy for the disadvantaged.

If for a child, participants decide what they will bring, such as a sweater, game or toy, so the child will not end up with a dozen of the same thing. The annual Christmas party becomes a “wrapping” party.