They were showing the scariest episodes in honor of the recent holiday. I was instantly amused at the lighthearted (completely non-scary) antics.

It was like I was carried back in time to when I was younger than five and we rarely missed the adventures of Rob and Laura. Neither my parents nor I appreciated the show for its wholesomeness back then.

Then, there were the 90s, my two oldest children have good memories of TGIF, which not only stood for “thank goodness it’s Friday,” it meant there was a string of good shows families could enjoy together while eating pizza.

I didn’t realize how popular this activity was until my older girls told me practically everyone from their generation had memories of the same thing. Again, parents and kids sat together and watched Family Matters. Steve Urkel would drive Carl crazy week after week.

It never got old with us, neither did Full House, Step By Step, or Perfect Strangers.

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