Trinity Christian School holds first cotillion Feb. 9, an evening full of fun and laughter for students


By Carson Hoffman
Special to the Opelika Observer

On Feb. 9, Trinity Christian School held its first cotillion, a dinner and dance for the school’s six, seventh and eighth graders.
Held at the Southside Center for the Arts, the event was organized by fourth-grade teacher and special events coordinator Wendy Jowers.
The girls wore semi-formal dresses, and the boys looked sharp in slacks and blazers. The faculty and some of the senior high students acted as servers and stand-in dance partners for the evening.
Following dinner, students and faculty alike were able to participate in a variety of dances from the waltz to the electric slide, all DJ’d by Paul Coogle, one of Trinity’s logic and rhetoric teachers.
When asked to shout out their favorite parts of cotillion, the two things heard the most from students was “group dances” and “Mr. Coogle.”
Cotillion, unlike prom, is not just about dancing and having fun. During the preparation process, our students are taught structured dances and have etiquette lessons. They are taught social graces and are then given the first of many opportunities to practice these social graces in real- life situations.
In April, our ninth through 12th graders will participate in a similar event titled Protocol, which is a formal event. School staff are so excited for this new Trinity tradition to begin.
Thank you to everyone who made Cotillion possible!


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