The ‘Crazy’ness comes to Lee County


By Abbey Crank
For the Opelika Observer

Ever found a $15,000 microscope in a rummage bin only to pay $8 for it? Well, John Cassimus has.

On May 21, Cassimus held a grand opening for his mega-discount store, Crazy Cazboy’s in Opelika. Hundreds of people wrapped the store hours before the opening with anticipation.

Once 9 a.m. hit, customers flooded the store and grabbed shopping carts to begin their journey.

“Crazy Cazboy’s is a massive liquidation store that uses a descending price model,” Cassimus said.

Each day, the price of every item in the store drops: $8 on Friday, $7 on Saturday, $4 on Sunday, $2 on Monday, $1 on Tuesday and a whopping 25 cents on Wednesdays. The store is closed on Thursdays to restock with brand new merchandise.

From electronics to baby supplies, Cassimus said he sells it all. The only catch is the customer has to look for it in the countless bins throughout the store.

Cassimus emphasizes this is a member-based shopping experience. To get into the store, all you need is to download the free Crazy Cazboy’s app.  To buy an item, simply utilize your new membership.

It is only $15 for a one-year membership and $5 for a daily shopping pass to experience the craziness. Both of these options can be purchased at check out.

Merchandise can also be bought on their website,


Crazy Cazboy’s is located at 2510 Pepperell Parkway in Opelika right next to Surge Trampoline Park. The store is open Friday through Tuesday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. through various closing times. For more information on Wednesday closings, check social media for details.

For anyone new to this type of craziness, Cassimus offers advice.

“Just be willing to deal with a little bit of chaos,” Cassimus said. “It’s about the hunt.”

New items will enter the 40,000-foot showroom at any time. Each visit there will be something new hiding in the bins.

For more information on deals and upcoming items, check out Crazy Cazboy’s Instagram @crazycazboysauburn.


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