Smiths Station City Council authorizes formation of Road Name Change Committee

Photo courtesy of the City of Smiths Station

Courtesy of the
City of Smiths Station

The Smiths Station City Council approved a resolution authorizing the formation of a Road Name Change Committee during Tuesday’s meeting.

Committee members include Chairman Richard Cooley, Vice Chairman Morris Jackson, Planning & Zoning Administrator Lisa Deason, Executive Assistant Brenda Dockery, Assistant Communications Director Morgan Bryce and Citizen Volunteer Steve Henley. 

The committee’s primary goal is to rename roads located within the city limits to their historical designations or names significant to Smiths Station. They will hold weekly meetings and work in tandem with local first responder agencies and the Post Office as the city moves forward with this initiative.

“This is an issue that our citizens and leadership have been interested in pursuing since incorporation, and we now have the resources in place to make this longtime dream a reality,” said Mayor F.L. “Bubba” Copeland. “I believe it will help promote a stronger community spirit among our residents and give us an even greater sense of identity as a city.”

In the coming weeks, a public forum will be scheduled for committee members and city officials to inform citizens on the status of this initiative and receive their input.

For more information, contact Mr. Cooley at 706-575-0642 or Mr. Jackson at 706-905-1247.


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