Letter to the Editor: States should remember the environment as they begin reopening



The horrendous costs in lives and jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic are devastating. On May 6, Johns Hopkins University reported U.S. deaths, due to coronavirus, were 71,078, and counting. Unemployment is rampant.

The diminished economic activity, due to a reduction of burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas), resulted in significantly lower emissions of greenhouse gases, e.g., carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, and particulates, e.g., soot. As a result, air quality improved, allowing those with respiratory illnesses to breathe easier.

On April 30, the International Energy Agency reported, “[Renewable energies, such as solar and wind] are set to be the only energy source[s] that will grow in 2020, with their share of global electricity generation projected to jump thanks to their priority access to [electric transmission] grids and low operating costs.”

As we reopen and improve our economy, it is imperative that we aggressively increase the availability of clean renewable energy which has huge advantages over dirty fossil fuels.

Voters should contact policy makers in city, county, state and federal governments and urge them to act without delay to encourage the development and use of renewable energy. Energy policies in several Southeastern states are much more favorable than those in Alabama. Alabama officials, including the Public Service Commission, should hear from all of us. Finally, multiple solutions for climate change are at the website Project Drawdown. If done correctly, large numbers of jobs can be created.

David Newton



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