Letter to the Editor: Dave Thomas for Governor


The Alabama Cannabis Coalition and the Alabama Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition would like to announce that we wholeheartedly endorse Springville Mayor Dave Thomas for Governor of the State of Alabama on May 24, 2022, for the Republican Primary.  Mayor Thomas is a courageous and bold man living and working in a state of Prohibitionists.  “It’s time Alabama”, Dave Thomas.

Dave Thomas also believes in tax reform for the hard-working Alabamians to keep more of their hard-earned money. Removing the food tax, eliminating the income tax and reducing property taxes, constitutional carry, saving taxpayers money, transparency in our schools and in our government. These are all signs of a true conservative and a person who supports individual freedoms, liberty and justice.

We are proud to give him our overwhelming endorsement and support and will be campaigning for his election. His announcement to run for governor has been a breath of fresh air.

H. Marty Schelper
Alabama Registered Cannabis Lobbyist
Alabama Cannabis Coalition
Founder of Alabama Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition
H Marty Schelper | LinkedIn


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