Lee County Humane Society participating in ‘Maddie’s Fund Foster Express Challenge’


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Opelika Observer

The Lee County Humane Society is participating in a nationwide “Foster Express Challenge.” The more shelter animals they can get into foster homes during the holidays, the better chance that the LCHS has to win grant money for their shelter.
Their shelter will receive national exposure, hopes to find new people to sign up as fosters, and will find foster homes for our shelter animals during the holiday season.
The rules for the challenge are:

  1. The challenge runs Nov. 22 until Jan. 10, so it covers three major holidays.
  2. The foster period can be as short as two hours and as long as two weeks to be counted towards total pets fostered during the challenge. This means participants can check out shelter animals through the LCHS Jog-a-Dog program for the day and it will still count towards the Foster Express Challenge!
  3. LCHS needs to send at least 25 pets into foster care to be eligible for a grant at the end of the challenge.
    Maddie’s Fund is giving away $55,000 to participating shelters, and LCHS desperately needs funding!
    For anyone interested in becoming a LCHS foster parent, participating in the Jog-a-Dog program or would like to know more about the Foster Express Challenge, visit LeeCountyHumane.org or email their foster coordinator at foster2@leecountyhumane.org.


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