Learn About Amphibians and Reptiles at Kreher

Kreher Preserve and Nature Center


Kreher Preserve and Nature Center will hold its AUsome Amphibians and Reptiles event on Oct. 27 at 2222 N. College St.
According to Kreher’s website, its mission is to preserve nature through quality environmental education, recreation and outreach programs with Auburn University and community partners.
Since the park’s endowment to Auburn University’s College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment, it continues to evolve into a refined nature and discovery center with exciting programs offered throughout the year.
The AUsome Amphibians and Reptiles event is one of the many programs Kreher uses to educate the public about nature and the environment. The park is home to various amphibians and reptiles that the staff work to preserve.
According to Kreher’s website, the park’s educators spend one-hour presenting different species of amphibians and reptiles from the state of Alabama and beyond, and all ages will enjoy the entertaining and hands-on event.
The educators of this event are passionate and knowledgeable about the amphibians and reptiles they present.
Kayla Wilson, a teacher and naturalist at Kreher, spoke about her experiences with the amphibians and reptiles she presented at a past event on Sept. 15.
“I took care of these snakes for many years when I was an undergrad, so I’m a big fan,” Wilson said while showing a Pine Snake to the crowd. “I love them. They’re awesome.”
Those who are wary of amphibians and reptiles shouldn’t worry as the educators prioritize safety. Guests will have a chance to touch the animals but are told how to do it safely and respectfully.
Guests can expect to see more than snakes, however, and other reptiles, like turtles. One of the park’s favorites is the two box turtles named Wendy’s and Big Mac.
“We named them that because when you hold a turtle, especially a box turtle, it looks like you’re holding a burger,” Wilson said.
The AUsome Amphibians and Reptiles event allows guests to have an up-close and personal experience with the animals presented while learning facts about their habitats, personalities, diets, social lives and more.
Tickets for this event are $5 per person, $4 for members and free for children aged three or younger. They can be purchased through Kreher’s website or at the event. In the case of inclement weather, the event may be canceled or postponed.
For tickets and more information, visit Kreher’s website: www.wp.auburn.edu/preserve/ausome-amphibians/


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