Elizabeth Burton to run for Ward 1 city council seat


By Will Fairless
Associate Editor

Elizabeth Burton, a lifelong Opelika citizen in Ward 1, has decided to run for the city council seat of her ward. She would like to represent the people of Ward 1 and give back to her community. “It will be my total desire to push for the work that is needed to improve the necessary and neglected conditions needed to keep Opelika beautiful,” Burton said.

Burton said that she could spend time talking about her degrees and certification in ministry, but would rather tell people that she believes her calling and passion is to serve all people, no matter their races, creeds or genders. “As your leader, I will work extra hard and go above and beyond the call of duty to fight for equality and justice for all,” Burton said.

A more concrete plan Burton has is to improve the qualities of roads in Ward 1 and the rest of Opelika so that they are safer to travel. Beyond roads, she will be focused on keeping all of Opelika safe, including its youth. “I would like to continue to promote education while being safe and still keeping social distancing,” Burton said, “I feel like the kids should not go back to school right now.”

Burton also places a strong emphasis on caring for people on the other end of the age spectrum. “I would like to solicit [everyone] to take a small portion of your time to perform a kind gesture to a senior citizen or anyone in need,” she said.

Burton said she empathizes with those who do not feel heard or helped and who feel overlooked. “If you, the people of Ward 1 will elect me to represent you, I promise that I will work for you and your rights,” Burton said, “I refuse to hold a position just to say that I am a city councilwoman, dust off a city seat, use the tax payers’ dollars for my own financial gain and not help the people of my ward. That is not the person I am.”


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