Eleanor’s Restaurant to hold soft opening June 15


By Morgan Bryce

Quality food at affordable prices will be the mainstay of Eleanor’s, the second phase of a development led by Warehouse Bistro Executive Chef Paul Diaz.
Since reopening the bistro last fall, Diaz said he has been eyeing the possibility of pursuing another venture under the same roof. Located directly next to the bistro, Eleanor’s patrons will be able to walk through wrought-iron gates into a restaurant that will boast a “warm, relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere,” according to Diaz.
“This side will be more of the anchor for Warehouse Bistro because it will be more casual and more of an everyday place for people who want to stop by and get a burger or a big steak. It will also be fast paced, with people coming in and probably staying for 30 to 45 minutes instead of the couple of hours you would need to experience a meal at the bistro,” Diaz said.
Diaz named the restaurant in honor of his grandmother, who was known for her baking and cooking skills. Items like her signature lemon cake which will be served at Eleanor’s.
“She loved spending her time in the kitchen baking and cooking. I have a lot of her recipes in a Rolodex, and a lot of her desserts will be on our menu,” Diaz said.
Once renovations are complete, Diaz said he expects Eleanor’s to seat approximately 65 to 75 people, be equipped with bar seating and televisions to watch live entertainment and sports and four to five servers at its busiest times.
Though the menu is deeply rooted in traditional American cuisine, Diaz said Eleanor’s will copy the bistro and utilize locally sourced ingredients to be used in their dishes. Still under development, he said there will be options for all ages and tastes, including a full children’s menu.
Eleanor’s will hold a soft opening June 15 starting at 5 p.m., what Diaz is calling a “pre-Father’s Day” meal. There will be one-night-only specials and other activities to celebrate fathers that evening.
“It’s going to be the perfect time for people to come out and see what this place is all about,” Diaz said.
Permanent hours of operation have yet to be finalized. Diaz said he expects to be open six days a week from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch and 5 to 9 p.m. for dinner. Once established, he added that he will consider breakfast or brunch dining options as well.
The third and final phase of Diaz’s planned development will be a bakery and coffee shop in the frontmost portion of the building, the former home of the “Brass Brassiere” antique shop.
For more information or updates, follow “Eleanor’s Opelika” on Instagram or call 334-745-6353. The restaurant will be located at 105 Rocket Ave.


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