December ushered in by wintry weather


By Will Fairless
Associate Editor

On Monday, East Alabama residents might have caught a glimpse of the first snow flurry of this winter, as temperatures dropped below freezing overnight.

Although those pioneer flakes might not have lasted long on a coat or the ground, they were followed by frosted windshields that might have warranted some time-clock lenience on Tuesday morning.

According to, there will likely only be brief dips into freezing temperatures over the next two weeks.

The same forecast shows Wednesday’s high to be 56 degrees, with a low of 32. Thursday will have less of a night/day disparity (55/47), and Friday will see a range of 59/39 with a 70% chance of rain. The weekend and early next week are forecasted to follow the 50s/30s/low precipitation trend of this week.

As the temperature gets lower, be conscious of pets’ susceptibility to the cold and do not let any faucets that are served by exposed pipes sit idle.


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