Christmas in Camelot


By Wendy Hodge
For the Opelika

Nothing says Christmas like stately southern homes draped in white lights and luxurious wreaths on every window, and O Town’s Camelot subdivision is a great way to start your Christmas celebration.
For nearly 15 years, Camelot in Opelika has been a favorite of locals ready to feast their eyes on holiday delights. Located off Rocky Brook Road, Camelot boasts dozens of houses on its rolling hills. Starting on Dec. 1 and lasting through Dec. 31, the subdivision will be open from 4:30 to 10 p.m. for a drive-through experience which includes large Christmas cards, luminaries, lights and inflatables.
Residents begin their decorating in November, and many families make it a holiday tradition of their own.
“It’s a family tradition. We get all the kids and grandkids together and make a day of it,” said long-time Camelot resident John Walker.
Local artists and Opelika High School students volunteer and participate in the painting of many of the decorations used. Every year, more and more visitors drive slowly down the streets of Camelot, a testimony to the enduring charm of this small-town tradition. When you visit, plan to spend at least 45 minutes driving through the neighborhood. Be sure to put your lights on dim and be watchful for pedestrians. Most of all, enjoy the peace and beauty that is Christmas in O Town.


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