Chattahoochee Fuller House Center dedicating new home in Smiths Station on Nov. 8


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Opelika Observer

The Chattahoochee Fuller Center will be dedicating its newest house build in Smiths Station on Nov. 8 at 3:30 C.S.T. The new Fuller House in Smiths Station is sponsored by the Community Foundation of East Alabama and the City of Smiths Station. The Smiths Station home to be dedicated comes only a couple of weeks after the Chattahoochee Fuller Center built 17 new homes in the heavily damaged community of Beauregard. Todd Rauch the new vice president of the Community Foundation of East Alabama, spoke about the Community Foundation’s passion about helping those affected after the March 3rd tornadoes. “The Community Foundation was one of the main verified organizations accepting donations from people all around the world and are focused on spending every single penny on long term tornado recovery efforts.” Rauch said, “Families are still hurting after the tornado and we’re happy to have the opportunity to show Smiths Station we haven’t forgotten about them,” Rauch said. The Community Foundation of East Alabama has a seat on the MEND Long Term Recovery Council, which meets weekly. Along with numerous other charities and organizations like the United Way, East Alabama Medical Center Foundation, Catholic Social Services and 10th Street Church of Christ; the Community Foundation of East Alabama helps fund some of the communities’ needs that are related to the March 3 tornadoes. Additionally, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) along with Alabama Rural Ministries (ARM) helps MEND’s long-term recovery council by aiding with much needed case management, volunteer efforts, and construction support.
“This build would not have been possible without the guidance and expertise from the Chattahoochee Fuller Center and the relationships Mayor Bubba Copeland has fostered during his tenure as Mayor of Smiths Station,” Rauch said. “Every single donation after the tornadoes along with all the volunteers from the City and Schools in Smiths Station, as well as the City of Columbus and the East Alabama Chamber of Commerce have made this build successful.”


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