Beauregard resident leading efforts to create library honoring lives of storm victims


By Morgan Bryce


Beauregard resident Robin Ashworth is helping lead efforts to create “The Four Children’s Library,” a space that would honor the four children who lost their lives during the March 3 tornado.

Ashworth said inspiration for the project came after taking her seven-year-old granddaughter Mattie on a recent visit to the Auburn Public Library.

“She drew this picture and smiled at me and said ‘look Mawmaw.’ It was an outdoor scene and she showed where she had drawn herself, Jack, a family pet we lost recently, and AJ (one of the four children), and she told me that AJ and Jack were playing in heaven,” Ashworth said. “I was sitting here late last Sunday night and I kept seeing her smile as she showed me the painting. I remember feeling too that the Lord was laying the phrase ‘children’s library’ on my heart that night, which helped set this into motion.”

A GoFundMe account was launched Thursday to help make this dream possible.

In the ideal space and with permission from the victim’s parents, Ashworth shared that she would like to display non-specific artwork of the four children, divide the library into four quadrants with themes dedicated to their interests and establish a common area where children could draw and paint as well as read used or “well-loved books.”

“I don’t expect a new building with nice furniture and brand new books, but just a decent, nice clean facility with clean books, toys and learning tools that children can use,” Ashworth said.

When asked about the long-term impact and potential of having a children’s library in her community, Ashworth said she believes it would be a lasting resource for Beauregard children for generations to come.

“Day by day, this project is becoming more about the children of Beauregard than anything else. I don’t want recognition or my family and I to benefit from this,” Ashworth said. “I want the children of Beauregard to know that these four children were here. We’re going to remember that they were here but we’re also going to find a reason to smile and be glad that we had them when they were here.”

“We may raise what we need by tomorrow, or in six months or a year from now. But, I’m willing to work as long as it takes to help make it happen.”

Ashworth credited her daughter Stacie, family friend Frank Taunton and Smiths Station student journalist and resident Colin Scroggins for their help with the project.

For more information and updates, like and follow “The Four Children’s Library” Facebook page. Visit the following link to donate:


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