LEE COUNTY — The Lee County Commission continued its prevalent discussion on broadband in the county during its recent meeting and voted to move forward with three areas.
The commission has agreed to use more than $4 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds for the purpose of increasing or bringing broadband into unreached areas of Lee County.
Kate Jessup and Courtney Lane with Investing in Alabama Counties (IAC), provided an update.
“We pursued a broadband feasibility and priority study with Sain Associates, which IAC has contracted with,” they said on behalf of IAC. “Sain identified four major areas where there is a significant portion of unserved population.”
The county’s first phase of this looks into funding agreements with three broadband contracts for nearly $985,000 and the county voted to approve those.
IAC let the commission know that it still has access to more funds designated for broadband and there are other smaller areas that the county could address.
To use the money, however, the county must be working toward underserved or unserved areas that fit certain criteria.
“It will be very hard for this commission to define to put out [a search], as a round two, like we did the first time,” they said.
Many of the regions in the area do not fit the specific necessary criteria.
“I want to make sure everyone has access that can get access,” said District 1 Commissioner Doug Cannon, echoing sentiments from District 2 Ross Morris.
The commission decided to move forward with looking at smaller areas and this will be called Phase 2. The IAC said it could not provide that final information until the summer, however.
And the money must be spent, or under contract, by the end of 2024, which does not leave the commission a lot of time, the IAC indicated.


  • The commission heard an update on the Justice Center Courtroom Renovation Project.
  • The commission approved the final plat approval for the Stillwaters Subdivision Redivision of Lot 4.
  • The commission voted to approve an amendment to reallocate funds for the Beulah Utilities District, just changing their projects, not dollar amounts.
  • The commission heard a resident complaint about the sheriff’s office.
  • The commission approved a salary variance request for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The commission approved an educational reimbursement request for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The commission approved a retail beer and table wine license for Dollar General.
  • The commission approved the creation of a Probate Accountant position.
  • The commission approved an ALDOT traffic study request for Lee Road 270 and US Highway 29 N.
  • The commission approved the final plat approval for the revision of Lot 1 at Mill Creek East.
  • The commission approved a adjustment to the FY2024 Budget.
  • The commission approved a resolution to make citizens aware of Statewide Amendment 1.
  • The commission has joined roughly 30 other counties seeking to join the USDOT Bridge Investment Program through a planning grant application. This is in order to replace a bridge in Lee County.