ALABAMA — A goat farmer and bee keeper from Tallapoosa County, under the age of 30, is likely not everyone’s first idea of the perfect candidate to run for Congress. But that’s not stopping Barron Rae Bevels from seeking to unseat longtime Alabama Third District Congressman Mike Rogers in the March 5 Republican Primary Election.
A native of Dadeville, Bevels graduated from Dadeville High School and later earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University, with a minor in Psychology. After college she embarked on a modeling career, but after four years, felt a calling from God that guided her life in a new direction, one of service to the community where she grew up.
“When I was in high school, I started an organization called ‘Rae of Hope,’ using my middle name. We fed families at Thanksgiving, worked with the homeless, and various other projects to help those around us who were in greatest need,” said Bevels. “Helping people is something I’ve enjoyed doing my entire life.”
Therefore, community service was foremost on her mind when Bevels returned home and met the man who would become her husband, a retired military veteran and third-generation goat farmer.
“We were sitting around talking one night and out of the blue my husband suggested that I channel my passion toward politics, at the Congressional level, where I could do the most good for people,” Bevels said. “My first response was ‘no way,’ but the more I thought and prayed about it, I again felt the Lord leading me in that direction.”
“I started doing a lot of research and one of the first things I noticed was the length of time so many members of Congress had been in office. It made me wonder, with things as bad as they are now, what have these people been doing all those years,” added Bevels. “It became obvious to me that only positive changes for the benefit of all citizens could get our government back on the right track.”
“As I began talking to people throughout the district, I also noticed a lack of presence from our current Congressman. Most people couldn’t remember the last time they saw or talked to their Representative in person, or had seen him anywhere else for that matter,” said Bevels. “The Third District deserves better than that; someone who will regularly listen to their concerns and represent them in Washington. To me, that’s what an elected official should do.”
Bevels describes herself as a “constitutional conservative Christian” who is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and a strong proponent of term limits.
“We must also stop spending so much money on endeavors abroad. This is only causing our country to plunge deeper in debt, supporting issues that do not concern us. We must focus our attention on helping those in our own land,” said Bevels.
“Furthermore, I am committed to improving the overall condition of our education system. I want to ensure that our children and teachers are equipped and always supported. I will work diligently beside our Governor to improve Alabama’s current education ranking,” Bevels said.
“And finally, I will strive to look for more ways to increase economic development in our state, helping to raise the standard of living for all our citizens,” added Bevels. “I’m equally passionate about protecting our borders against illegal immigration, making our nation safe through a strong military, supporting our farmers who raise our food, and making the American dream one which all citizens have the ability to attain.”
Bevels, her husband, and their three children enjoy all things that require hard work, being outside, and attending their local church.
“I will continue traveling around the Third District, meeting and talking to as many people as I can between now and election day.” Bevels concluded.


ALABAMA — Bryan Newell, a native of Anniston, is seeking the U.S. Congressional seat currently held by Alabama Third District Rep. Mike Rogers in the March 5 Republican primary election.
“After more than two decades of the status quo, I believe it’s time for a change of leader-ship,” said Newell. “Politicians of the past have gotten elected by saying whatever they had to say and doing whatever it took to gain support under the guise of representing the public. But once they’re in, nothing gets accomplished.”
Newell was one of several local and state political candidates who recently spoke at the monthly meeting of the Republican Women of East Alabama, where he explained his positions on immigration, term limits, negligent spending and gun control.
“The first responsibility of the U.S. government is securing our borders,” he said. “Currently, there is no control whatsoever, and this condition is hurting everyone across America. If elected, I will add to the U.S. Code and update or change asylum laws and introduce legislation preventing anchor babies. I want to finish the wall, and we must enforce the laws we already have.”
Regarding term limits, Newell said such proposals have circulated through Congress for years but are never brought forward for a vote.
“If they did, 50% of Congress would not be able to seek reelection,” he said. “We have a House full of career establishment politicians with no teamwork experience, no leadership experience and no passion for developing solutions for the problems that arise on their watch. They just sit up there 20, 30, 40 even 50 years, running on problems they helped create year after year.
“Furthermore, our government is currently $34 trillion in debt, and no one seems to care,” Newell added. “Negligent, wasteful spending is out of control and must be stopped. We cannot sustain our current level of borrowing and spending and not have the government go broke. Our credit rating has already been reduced, which increases the interest rate on money the government borrows.”
Newell is a retired Army sergeant and a strong proponent of the Second Amendment.
“Our founding fathers made the right to bear arms a critical component of our Constitution to, first of all, stop the threat of tyranny,” he said. “Beyond that, every American is given the right to defend themselves and their families. Those who support gun control advocate dis-arming our society and leaving us basically defenseless. What should be common sense is to exercise your right to own a gun and learn how to use it appropriately.”
Newell has been married to his wife, Lourdes, for 20 years, and they have three children and two grandchildren.
“As your elected representative, I will listen to what you have to say and serve your interests in the halls of Congress,” he said. “I will also uphold my oath of office and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”