TUSCALOOSA — The University of Alabama’s coed cheerleading team placed second at the UCA National Competition held at Walt Disney World in Orlando on Jan. 14. Local participants included Gary Gray and Matthew Kinser, both of Auburn.

AUBURN — A number of local student musicians were recently named to the All-State and All-District bands.
All-State Red Band honorees from Auburn High School included First-Chair winners Luke Chynoweth, alto sax; Jona Jeck, baritone; Mollie Lewis, percussion; and Ellie Richards, French horn. The Red State Band also included Cricket Hayes, trumpet; For-rest Morse, trombone; Anna Sims, clarinet; and Jiwoon Yoon, flute.
All-State Blue Band honorees from Auburn High School included Eliana Foradori, tu-ba; Austin Kintz-Roberts, trumpet; Jacob Podemski, baritone; Millie Ragan, percussion; and Isabella Boos, French horn.
All-State White Band honorees from Auburn High School included Chaz Gaillard, percussion; Nicholas Glennon, French horn; Austin Taylor, alto sax; and Misha Temesgen, clarinet.
Unassigned and alternate All-State Band honorees from Auburn High School also included Cooper Beasley, string bass; Jane Chen, oboe; Martin Lin, bass clarinet; Daniel Troy, bassoon; Henry Crowdus, alto sax; Ethan Fligel, tenor sax; Andrew Hamner, baritone sax; and Taeyeong Moon, trombone.
Named to the All-State Band from Auburn Junior High School were Bailey Cunning-ham, Eryn Brock, Whitney Wadsworth, Jioh Yum, Riley Shim, Lina Park, David Lee, Karson Perry, Aaron Rodgers, Noah Dimick, Sara Lethander and Rayyaan Azhar. All-State First Chair winners included Yeasung Choi, high school clarinet, and Ethan Sze, high school trombone; and middle school instruments: Sienna Lee, flute; Chloe Jung, oboe; Eleanor Kim, clarinet; Monica Chynoweth, bass clarinet; Elina Pedersen, horn; Max Sims, euphonium; Kaitlyn Sinclair, tuba; and Dean Richards, percussion.
Auburn High School students named to the All-District Band included: Amelia Chaves, baritone saxophone; Trey Doyle, baritone; Minjeong Kim, flute; Harrison Meyer, trombone; Vivian Myers, percussion; Livi Nooney, percussion; Joel Shin, clarinet; Henry Wang, alto sax; Weston Witt, alto sax, and Annie Yang, flute.
Auburn Junior High students named to the All-District Band included Preslee Plexico, D.J. Guice, Andrew Lee, Liam Sport, Colby Reuss and Angela Rastrero Martin, who were all named All-State alternates; and Jimin Lee, Eunji Lee, Jiwioo Kim, Emily Carlton, Sania Kazmi, Christine Kim, Mackie Daniel, Summer Yoo, Juyeong Ro, Claire Eun, Caden Chang, Seoju Lee, Jackson Ellis, Michael Oliver, Josh DeBoer, Alex Kowalsky, Riley Cuthbertson, Caleb Clark, Wesley Sabo, Jewelle Gulley, Andrew Whatley and Noel Myers.
East Samford School had two students named to the All-District Band: Grace Kim, clarinet, and Stricklynn Tilley, tuba.

ATLANTA — Anthony Dannar of Opelika earned a Ph.D. degree in communication with a concentration in moving image studies from Georgia State University during the Fall 2023 semester.

BIRMINGHAM — Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law recognizes excellence in academic achievement each semester by publishing a Dean’s List. Included on the list are students whose end-of-semester GPA is 3.3 or higher. The Fall 2023 Dean’s List includes the following local students: Cameron McCormack, Samantha Mendoza, Henry Sheils, Sarah Strength and Harrison Woods, all of Auburn.

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. — Kobe Smith of Salem will star in the Jacksonville State University Lyric Theatre troupe’s production of Irving Berlin’s “Holiday Inn” on Feb. 16-18 and Feb. 23-25 in the recital hall in Mason Hall.