Domestic Violence Intervention Center (DVIC) and Josie Ashton, organizer of Healing His Bride, invited community members to stand together in downtown Opelika in an effort to raise awareness and take a firm stand against domestic violence.  This empowering event gathered community members in downtown Opelika to unite against the scourge of domestic violence and demonstrate solidarity with survivors and those impacted by domestic violence. Ashton is walking 2,206 Miles from Atlanta to Los Angeles while wearing her wedding gown to raise awareness against domestic violence. The Brides’ Walk is an event that Ashton created in 2001, when she walked from New York to Miami to honor Gladys Ricart, a homicide victim of domestic violence who was shot and killed the day of her wedding by a jealous ex-boyfriend. The Brides’ Walk has become a yearly event in several states and in different countries.  Women were to wear white or a wedding gown and for men to wear black as the group embarked on a symbolic walk through the heart of the city. This visual display served as a powerful reminder that every individual deserves a life free from violence and fear. Whether you are a survivor, concerned citizen or an advocate, your presence and support were invaluable in raising awareness and creating a safer future for all.  Thank you for joining us as we demonstrated our commitment to ending domestic violence and creating a community where love, respect and kindness prevail. Together we can make a difference.