Staff Sgt. Joseph Glasgow and Tech Sgt. Greg Deachan from both the Air Force and Special Warfare Air Force are responsible for purchasing a new mat for the Beauregard High School wrestling program. These fine service men are the Air Force Recruiters for Beauregard High School, and both wrestled in high school.

The recruiters approached head Beauregard wrestling coach Wade Thorn at the end of the previous season, inquiring as to what they could do to help the program since they regularly recruit Beauregard student athletes. Thorn informed them that one of the biggest needs within the program would be to own a third wrestling mat. Large tournaments are regularly hosted at Beauregard High School, and prior to receiving this mat as a gift from the Air Force, the school would have to borrow mats from other programs in the area.

Both Glasgow and Deachan asked Thorn to find a company and have their design team create a possible design for a new mat. After submitting the design to Deachan and Glasgow, Thorn received a phone call from Deachan informing the school that the Air Force would donate the mat.

The attached photo is from the dedication ceremony that was held on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022 at Beauregard High School. Glasgow and Deachan were each presented a letterman jacket in appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the wrestling program at Beauregard High School.