The Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities (ACDD) has launched a new campaign to coincide with Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March. Each message features a different person with disabilities inviting the viewer to “See me as” an “equal”, “employee”, “graduate”, “neighbor”, “achiever” and more.

The ACDD’s colorful and engaging messages can be seen across social media, digital ads online and outdoor billboards throughout the state.

“Our survey results showed that there were several concerns among those with developmental disabilities and their families,” said Darryle Powell, executive director of the ACDD. “Many times, the general population is unaware of the strides the disabled have made in terms of employment, educational opportunities and housing.

“This campaign brings attention to their many achievements in these areas, as well as how they simply want to be seen and accepted by their fellow Alabamians. They want the same things as anyone else, to be active participants in their communities. Through this campaign, we hope to increase understanding, and for people to get to know and appreciate those with developmental disabilities.”

For more information, contact the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities at 334-242-3973 or visit


The Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities (ACDD) is comprised of 36 governor-appointed volunteer members, including people with developmental disabilities, family members and representatives of public agencies that serve them. The organization is dedicated to the vision that all Alabamians, regardless of disability, will live, learn, work and play in inclusive communities. To that end, ACDD works towards system changes in aspects of service/support to promote better lives for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. For more information, visit